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imPROject - - - -  Ongoing Improvisation Research 

Theobservations and practices that were written down in the course of the artisticand educational project playforPLACE in 17 cities all over the world, getsystematized in the imPROject.

This takesthe form of a model workshop that  focuses on the way that the playful structuresinterfere with the artistic result, enrich it and finally shape it. ImPROjectaims to provide a space for the moulding and finally the shaping of a newimprovisation method.

Theprogram focuses on the exploration of strategies of instantaneous creation ofkinesiology/ somatic material, composition and performance. The playful bodywill converse with the moving body and the properties of play will constitutethe pretext and the frame for developing and applying the tools ofimprovisation to the act of dancing. It also focuses on the exploration of waysthrough which the performers can enrich and strengthen their performing andkinesiological vocabulary, stimulate their creativity and imagination, trusttheir choices with clarity, focus, and free their potential artisticcapabilities.

Thework, through the experience of a frame where strict rules coexist and conversewith the freedom of expression, as a game of rules, offers the opportunity forgrasping, but also training in the process of improvised decision-making.

First phase of the program, that was provided free of charge for the participants, will took place in October 2018 (24/9-14/10/2018), in Duncan Dance Research Center.

With the kind support of The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation and the I. & R.Duncan Dance Research Center.

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