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PATAGOS / ON TOUR / 29 February  & 01 March 2024,  Festival Printemps de Sévelin, Lausanne / Dance Performance by Sofia Mavragani. 

PATAGOS / ON TOUR / the gallery version / 03 February 2024,  opbo studio, Piraeus / Dance Performance by Sofia Mavragani. 

IMPROject improvisation workshop by Sofia Mavragani / 15-19 January 2024 at PLAYGROUND for the arts, Athens


CHORUS- WE ARE HERE PREPARED FOR TRAGEDY / Performance-Concert- Lecture by Sofia Mavragani / December 2023- January 2024/ NATIONAL THEATRE / Experimental Stage-Emerging Artists - REX THEATRE- STAGE "KATINA PAXINOU"

A Live  -  CONCERT LECTURE DANCE by Sofia Mavragani / 22 June 2023 / Θέατρο Βράχων Βύρωνα / Φεστιβάλ ΧΟΡΟΣ ΣΤΗ ΣΚΙΑ ΤΩΝ ΒΡΑΧΩΝ /

A Live  -  CONCERT LECTURE DANCE by Sofia Mavragani 01 June 2023 /  WOM.A - Women in Arts / Κήπος Συλλόγου Ελλήνων Αρχαιολόγων

PATAGOS / ON TOUR / the village version / 08 March 2023, PIT'S COFFEE PLACE, SELLASIA, GREECE - ΚOUMARIA RESIDENCY 2023 - MEDEA ELECTRONIQUE /  Dance Performance by Sofia Mavragani. 

PATAGOS / ON TOUR / 4-5 March 2023, FIBA-BUENOS AIRES INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL - Dance Performance by Sofia Mavragani. In co-production with PLANTA INCLAN and Melina Seldes

SPRINGTIDE / one of the 4 digital projects for the Open plan 2023 platform *Freequencies* of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival / Script - Direction: Chrysanthi Badeka - Co-choreography: Sofia Mavragani & Chrysanthi Badeka

DINNER / 21-24 February 2023 / SHEDIA HOME / Dinner is an interactive  performance around a dinner table with the participation of people who have experienced homelessness and/or live below the poverty line. Directed by Sofia Mavragani and Ioanna Valsamidou.

Beyond the Sea | Pavlos Pavlidis crosses paths with Yannis Markopoulos / A musical encounter / Onassis Stegi / 3-5 February 2023, Directed by Christos Sarris, Movement: Sofia Mavragani


Πάταγος / ON TOUR / 27 December 2022, TSITSANI MUSEUM, TRIKALA, Greece

International Symposium:"In the Event of Antigone: Crossings, Translations, Restagings" /  Sofia Mavragani was invited artist among participants from across the world that engaged with the performative plurality of “Antigone” in its contemporary plural and counter-hegemonic restagings.  Symposium Program.

IMPROject improvisation workshop by Sofia Mavragani / 7-11 +  14-18 November 2022, at Duncan Dance Center + + 28 Νov - 2 Dec 2022, at Loop Dance.

WASTE/D Pavilion 3 / "A LIve" poster by Dimitris Politis is featured at the last episode of Waste/d Pavilion at State of Concept, Athens organised and curated by Temporary Academy of arts, Athens / Προσωρινή Ακαδημία Τεχνών. Opening: 14 October.

Last Sigh / A romantic sci-fi noir Short film, about love & asphyxiation. Written, directed, produced : Haris Raftogiannis. Choreography Advisor: Sofia Mavragani.  Trailer.

A Live / 24, 25, 26, 27 JUNE 2022, A Live Event In 4 Locations: Traditional Coffee Shop, Nail Studio, Outdoor aqueduct, Amphitheatre. Dance - Concert - Lecture  By Sofia Mavragani - With Maria Vourou, Antigoni Frida and Larry Gus/Panagiotis Melidis. A work starring the ideas that emerge from Antigone’s  figure and very own actions. A Live  plays with the power of speech, theory, music and movement on stage, composing a collective text that can be heard, sung and danced to.

Choreography Workshop at the Academy of Choreography U(R)TOPIAS  in the frame of Elefsina 2023 - European Capital of Culture/ 28-30 APR 2022, Workshop by Sofia Mavragani

Choreography for cinema- DRIFT by Anthony Chen / APRIL 2022 

Movement advisor for commercials - Tuborg - directed by B. Makridis - starring D. Mothonaios / APRIL 2022 

Contemporary Choreography Series of presentations / 15 MARCH 2022/ Athens School of Fine Arts. Invited choreographer by Paraskevi Tektonidou in the series of talks and presentations on contemporary choreography.

Πάταγος / 25-27 FEB 2022 / KNOSSOS Theatre.  A new work by Sofia Mavragani in which two performers surrender their voices to movement and make a blast (πάταγος). Words, music, and sounds become a body and compose a muted/silent score that blurs the boundaries between what we hear and what we see. Πάταγος was presented at the emblematic Knossos theatre in a  shared event, along with a symposium about  theatre by ACT II  digital  magazin and the Electronic Music Festival Electric Nights by MedeaElectronique. With the financial support of THE MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND SPORTS

SEROTONINI/ Directed by Dimitris Agartzidis / Elephant Tiliensis. Kamiros Theatre. January-February 2022. Choreography Advisor: Sofia Mavragani.


THE HERO / 4 DEC 2021, ROES THEATRE,  A solo based on the concept of “hero” as a historic figure and as an outcome of human invention at MOVING COLORS YOUTH DANCE FESTIVAL.

BREAKING ART 1518 / December 2021, Workshop for adolescent dancers and musicians by Sofia Mavragani, Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris, Penelope Iliaskou. By brings together young artists  who are active in  heterogeneous expressive fields, BREAKING ART is in quest of a new, common ground between the choreographic and musical creation, providing its participants with the technical tools, as well as the  experience of a creative osmosis. DUNCAN DANCE RESEARCH CENTER. With the financial support of THE MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND SPORTS.

imPROject –THE VERY VERY CURRENT BODY /  15-19 November 2021, Improvisation Workshop with Sofia Mavragani at DANCE HOUSE LEFKOSIA 

SYNTHESIS /  Alternative Stage of the National OperaStavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, 29-31 Oct 2021, An artistic installation facility conceived, designed and curated by choreographer Jenny Argyriou and artist Vassilis Gerodimou. More than 30 artists from the whole range of performing and visual arts with the participation of students of the Higher Vocational School of Dance of ELS collaborate in the creation of a long-term work that correlates the complex processes of the National Liberation Struggle with the creation of a multidisciplinary artist.

MAUΘ /  ATHENS EPIDAURUS FESTIVAL  23-25  June 2021, A choreographic race guided by the human mouth substituting the entire body. Α work of Sofia Mavragani is built upon a paradoxical equation between sound and movement. At the intersection of dance, theatre and music, the performance draws attention to voice as an integral aspect of physical expression, with physical movement as the equivalent aspect of a polyphonic composition. With the financial support of THE MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND SPORTS

imPROject – The Research /  February- April 2021, Research on Improvisation by Sofia Mavragani. With the support of DUNCAN DANCE RESEARCH CENTER and  the financial support of THE MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND SPORTS

4th Dance School Ways festival / MARCH-APRIL 2021, Workshop for young dancemakers at DUNCAN DANCE RESEARCH CENTER with Sofia Mavragani (composition) and Chrysanthi Badeka (video dance) -

INFRA Athens Laboratory / 8-11 April 2021, Lab for refugee artists in the framework of INFRA network supported by the Creative Europe program. The artists work on artistic interventions in the public space in EU cities (Sofia Mavragani and Christiana Galanopoulou) and discuss refugee workers' rights (Lara Barbour) and showing opportunities in Greece (Myrtia Nikolakopoulou). With the support of @The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation and the Greek Ministry of Culture.


eLecture [ΗΛΕΚΤΣΟΥΡ]  /  video work created for the digital edition of “mind the fact” festival. Watch the video

Artistics Talks Sofia Mavragani #BODY#PLAY#RETHINK#INVENT  / 2.11.2020. One of ten artist talks and discussions about artistic research in the field of dance focusing on the choreographers’ ideas and practices, curated by Steriani Tsintziloni. In the frame of the 3rd series of artist talks organized as part of the research on artistic research in Greece by Elpida Rikou, artist, anthropologist and founding member of TWIXTlab.

imPROject - THE VERY VERY CURRENT BODY /  Improvisation Workshop with Sofia Mavragani, November 2020, DUNCAN DANCE RESEARCH CENTER . FB LINK

Live reading and video lecture performance, hosted by PAT - Temporary Academy of Arts & Goethe-Institut Athens [Freiraum Festival] at Okto Eight. 29.10,2020 /  Four people from different disciplines, Aristidi Antonas (architect/writer/artist), Sofia Mavragani (dancer/choreographer), Martha Mavroidi (musician),  Elena Tzelepi (philosopher) were invited to a "Wasted Live", a reading of Waste/d publication, published by Temporary Academy of Arts (Elpida Karaba, Despina Zefkili, Yota Ioannidou, Vangelis Vlahos) by Omblos Editions, with the support of Goethe-Institut, Athens

LADY R / After documenta14, LADY R. performed again at ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL, 17.9.2020

imPROject - Dealing with rules Improvisation Workshop with Sofia Mavragani, June 2020, DUNCAN DANCE RESEARCH CENTER . FB LINK

imPROject - The Workshop / Improvisation Workshop with Sofia Mavragani, March 2020, DUNCAN DANCE RESEARCH CENTER . FB LINK

LOVE ME Directed by Dimitris Agartzidis. Bios Theatre. January-February 2020. Choreography for theatre.


Sofia Mavragani is an Aerowaves Twenty19 Artist

imPROject November 2019. Second phase of imPROject research program focused on the development of an improvisation technique. With the kind support of The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation and the I. & R.Duncan Dance Research Center.Ongoing Improvisation Research project.

II days of political choreography: thought as a metaphor for dance / participation in the Phd project in philosophy of the department of philosophy of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in collaboration with La Caldera Barcelona, with the conservatorship of Sara Gómez and Oscar Dassi. 19-20.09.2019

MOUTHSelected artist in Residency at Neimënster - presentation of a solo in progress performed by Ioanna Paraskevopoulou at Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg. August-September 2019

SPEECHLESS , Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival / hosted by Rialto Theatre, Lemessos. 12.06.2019

AFTERWORDSpremier at ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL / Athens - 23.05.2019. “Afterwords” is the work of Sofia Mavragani that completes the trilogy initiated by the two previous works, “Speechless” and “Lady R.”.

SPEECHLESS , Aerowaves Spring Forward 2019 05.04.2019, hosted by LaBriqueterie in Val-de-Marne, France.

BREAKING ART II Sofia Mavragani & ThanosPolymeneas-Liontiris /JANUARY - MARCH 2019. Creative Workshopfor young choreographers and composers. MEGARON - THEATHENS CONCERT HALL


imPROject  October 2018. Ongoing Improvisation Research project. With the kind support of The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation and the I. & R.Duncan Dance Research Center.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Simon Stevens, Directed by Vaggelis Theodoropoulos, Tzeni Karezi Theatre.Season 2018-2019. Choreography for theatre.

Ulysses by James Joyc, An oratorio, ode to daily life, episodes 11 & 18, directed by Dimitris Agartzidis and Despoina Anastasoglou (Elephas Tiliensis). Athens &Epidaurus Festival. 1-3.07.2019. Choreography for theatre.

SPEECHLESS   premier:2 – 5 June 2018. Theatro Technis Karolos Koun, Athens.

BREAKING ART / Sofia Mavragani & ThanosPolymeneas-Liontiris Creative Workshop for young choreographers and composers. MEGARON - ATHENS CONCERT HALL. January - March 2018


Working Bodies- Workshop / KALAMATA INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL - 15-17 July 2017. Focused on the status of the dancer as anemployee, Konstantina Bousmpoura (anthropologist/documentarist) and SofiaMavragani (choreographer) create a workshop studying the meaning and the socialdimensions of work (labour).

26 Μay 2017,  21.30, 8 + 10 April 2017. Avdi Square, Athens. One-woman performance inspired by the lastspeech of Roza Luxemburg. In the frame of the public art work "Monument toRevolution" by Sanja Ivekovic.​

DINNER / Mind The FactFESTIVAL - 26, 28, 29 Μay 2017.  A performance-dinner with hosts people that livebelow the poverty line or under conditions of homelessness.

SALOS / MEGARON: THE ATHENSCONCERT HALL- 18 February 2017. Salos by Sofia Mavragani, a production of Athens& Epidaurus Festival was presented at Megaron for one show.


playforPLACE 2016

playforPORTO/ 19-23September 2016 -in collaboration with Cristina Planas Leitão(dancer-choreographer- teacher) as prt of the artistic activities of Armazem22.

playforSEVILLA / 26-30September 2016 -in collaboration with Antonio Guilles(performer-choreographer- teacher) in the frame of Danza Mobile activities.

playforMARRAKECH / 13-17December 2016 -in collaboration with Hana Tefrati, supported byPriscilla Queen of the Medina Art Center..

With the kind support of THE J. F. COSTOPOULOSFOUNDATION

SALOS / Athens &Epidaurus Festival
4 & 5 July 2016, Peiraios 260, E - the work by Sofia Mavragani has beenpremiered in the frame of Athens & Epidaurus Festival

1,7,8, 14,15,21,22 APRIL /AKTINA Dance Academy Performances -Sofia Mavragani participates in AKTINA'Sperformance series with the creation "MI HEROTERA" performed by theAcademy's graduate Stella Tripolitaki

THE HERO / ON TOUR 2016 - The Hero is Sofia Mavragani’s work performed byNontas Damopoulos. A solo performance based on the concept of Hero snd Heroism.

1 APRIL : Trikala Μinicipality Center, Trikala

3, 4 APRIL: GARAGE Performing Arts Center, Kerkyra



THE HERO / PREMIER -30 NOVEMBER 2015 at PORTA theater, Μesogeion av.59, Athens

PERFORMING TECHNIQUESWORKSHOP / 31 OCTOBER - 1 NOVEMBER - with Sofia Mavragani and Melina Seldes at AKTINADance Academy.

playforPLACE 2015

playforREYKJAVIK  /  15-21 June 2015 - in collaboration with Saga Sigurdardottir(dancer-choreographer) as part of the education activities of Reykjavik DanceAtelier.

playforBELGADE / 17-22 August 2015 - in collaboration with Sanja Maljkovic  (setdesigner-theatrologist) in the frame of Free Dance Academy program organized byΚroz Prozor Fabrika.

playforWELLINGTON / 7-13 September 2015 - in collaboration with Miranda Manasiadis(writer-dramaturg-performer) with the support of Circa Theatre.

playforZAGREB / 19-22 Νovember 2015 - in collaboration with Sonja Pregrad(writer-performer) in the frame of Improspections Festival.

With the kind support of THE J. F. COSTOPOULOSFOUNDATION

AUTOGOAL - 7 JUNE [20.00] at PLAYGROUND for the arts, Voutsara 4-6,Athens                                                                             


VISUALIZING SOUND - 21, 22 MARCH 2015 at PLAYGROUND for the arts,Voutsara 4-6, Athens. A research workshop by Yiota Peklari (flamencoand body music artist) and Sofia Mavragani on the ability of the human body  toproduce and compose sounds.


THE PARADOX OF THE FUTUREIN THE OCCIDENTAL PARADIGM - 27, 28 NOVEMBER 2014. The new production of Fingersix dedicates itselfto the prediction of the future by means of a divination ritual. Presented in the frame of MIRfestival at RabbitArt and Performance Space, Germanikou 20, Athens, GR.


GAME STRUCTURES AS TOOL FORIMPROVISATION - 25, 26 OKTOBER 2014 / improvisation workshop atGarage Performing Arts Center, Corfu, GR

GAME STRUCTURES AS TOOL FOR IMPROVISATION - 11, 12 OCTOBER 2014 / improvisation workshop atTwoDots Dance School , Athens, GR


playforLEFKOSIA - 18 - 24 MAY 2014 / playforPLACE project at dancehouse Lefkosia in collaboration with Arianna Economou.

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