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Sofia Mavragani is an exceptional case in the field of dance as she has not followed the regular dance curriculum. She has graduated from theEDDC-European Dance Development Centre, ArtEZ-University of Arts, Arnhem, NL,Bachelor in Dance Making (2005) and from the “Athens School of Economics”,Bachelor in Business Administration (2000).

Her research focuses on the exploration of a performative form situated on the limits of a dance, music, or theatre performance.

Her works have been presented at several festivals and venues in Greeceand abroad (Aerowaves 2019, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Documenta 14, ArcFor Dance Festival (Athens), Megaron: the Athens Concert Hall, Kalamata International Dance Festival, Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival, Dimitria Festival (Thessaloniki), MIRfestival (Athens), State Theatre of Northern Greece, Park your ID festival (Maastricht), Dance Days International Festival(Chania), Apollon Theatre (Syros), Τeatro Belisario (Buenos Aires), Teatro Labrade (Madrid), Cacoyiannis Foundation (Athens), etc). 

Being fondly interested in the field of education and exchange she develops experimental projects on improvisation and composition, such as:

Breaking Art workshop on creative collaboration between young choreographers and musicians-composers supported by Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall.

imPROject research on stage improvisation focusing on the ways in which the structures and elements of playing interfere with the artistic result.

playforPLACE research project on performing arts and artistic collaboration which has been travelled in 17 cities of the world, in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Oceania.

In parallel, she teaches dance improvisation and choreography in dance schools and dance centres in Greece and abroad.  

She is a founding member of Fingersix, an international artistic network, and of the non profit-organization Fingersix/Athens.

Sofia Mavragani’s work is regularly supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Hellenic Republic

Aerowaves Twenty 19 Artist

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